Saturday, October 18, 2008


I have had so much going on that I completly spaced and didn't even think to save my quickpage in png format! I'm sorry guys!
Thanks Melanie for calling me on it, and going above and beyond by zipping it up for me. Here is the new link, with a PNG and not a PSE file. If you downloaded the other one, I am so sorry!!
The other link is no longer valid. Please download here for the correct format. And please leave a comment if you download!

Sorry again!!!


Friday, October 17, 2008

As promised...

I have a freebie for you! I have not been able to do too much since being out of the hospital, but since being on the computer only really requires me to sit... haha... I have been doing a little scrapping. Melanie over at By Gods Design has a new kit coming out that is being revealed today, and I have a layout to share with you, along with a quickpage.

This is a short post today since I am busy with wedding stuff this weekend. My good friend Tammy is getting married and I am headed to the reception hall to sit and make favors. Don't worry- I'll be sitting down! No worries about me falling on my head, LOL!!

I'll be around more often. Here's the previews, and download links. Please remember, don't share the download links. Send them here instead! Thanks!

credit for the design is all Melanie Morales of By Gods design from her new kit "Transforming Love"

And here's the goodie for you!!

Please see above post for correct download link.

Till next time...


Monday, October 13, 2008

Where have I been?

Hi. First let me just profusely aplogize for not being around lately. I have been going through a lot, and life has just been crazy. Here's a little snippet of what has happened to me in the last week or so...
I have been in the hospital since Wednesday night (10/08/08). I was at church, doing what I normally do, and all of a sudden I felt like there was this huge weight just keeping me down, like it was pushing me over. I made it as far as one of the offices, and I fell first to my knees, then all the way down to the floor. From what I understand (cause my memory about this is foggy) I passed out or something. Anyway, long story short, I have to see a specialist in Ann Arbor. And, because of this dizziness and lack of balance I am having, I am pretty much forced to use a walker. I am stubborn, as most of you already know, and this is going to be REALLY hard for me to get used to, but as they said, this is only temporary until they can figure out how to fix me. Right now their diagnosis is something called Meniere's disease. Not sure exactly what it is, but when I know- I will tell you.I just wanted to thank those that sent me well wishes via im, or emailed, or those of you who came to visit me. I appreciate it so much. It was soooo boring laying in that bed, not able to do anything.It was horrible!So now, I have to make an appointment to see another specalist in Ann Arbor, MI. This is just a horrible experience for me alltogether.I am just glad to be home!!

So I am finally back home, and this walker thing is a struggle because of the fact that I live in a mobile home. I am sooooo frustrated, and so I am hoping to maybe take my frustrations out on some scrapping!! That is my hope, anyway.
Unfortunatly, I have not had a chance to do anything with Melanie's CT yet, but I will be getting to that soon! Also, I might also throw in some quick pages from Holly over at freebie vault.

OK, well I better get going and get ready to go to the doctors office. Yay. How fun (aren't I just dripping with enthusiasm? lol)

I promise not to stay away so long!