Sunday, February 22, 2009

movin on up!!

Well, I have decided to make my new blog, and I am ready to share it with you all! The new blog is There is still some things that I need to do at the new blog, but that will come.
Anyway, you will want to bookmark that new blog, because there is a new kit coming out from Andrea that I will be posting the cut up alpha for... should be sometime today or tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for it!!

This blog will be deleted by the end of the month I think.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A cut up alpha for you!

Hey gang!

I told Andrea that I would help her readers out by seperating her alphas for her. She is part of a blog train called "It's a boy thing". I went ahead and seperated these alphas for her... Here is a preview of her kit. If you click on the preview, you will be taken to her post where you can download it. My link to the seperated alpha is below the preview.

You can download the seperated alpha here

Thanks for visiting! Make sure you leave Andrea some love!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Showing some layouts and need some help!!

Hello bloggers!!
OK, so I need some help! I mentioned before that I need to change my blog address. I have a gmail account, and this blog is not associated with it. I use google reader, and I read that on my gmail account.... SOOOOO....... commenting on blogs is a real pain for me. I gotta sign out, sign back in with my other account, leave the comment, log out, sign back in to my gmail account, and continue blog reading. That is soooooo time consuming!!

So..... is there anyone out there in scrapland that can help a girl out with setting up a new blog and help me come up with a nice layout? I could definatly use the help! I don't know what I could do to repay you, but I am sure something could be worked out! contact me at dawn5778 (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know!!

OK, how about some eye candy? Here's what I have worked on since the last time I posted:

This first one is made using Hummies template tutorial. This template was included in the tutorial.

This next one is another result of Hummies tutorial rounded corners


This one I made for the fun of it.... no particular reason

credits here

OK, this next one is special to me. I was asked by a friend of mine at church to be her background vocalist for an album she is making. I was in the studio on Monday (congested and all) and had a blast! But didn't realize how much work goes into this!! 4 hours on ONE song!!! When the CD releases in the spring, I will give you a little listen if I can figure out how, and if you would like to purchase a CD, I can get info for you too!

I made this layout for another Hummie tutorial on paperclips :)


And lastly, I made this one in honor of a friend


OK, so that's it for now! Once I get the new blog going, I will post more pics from my experience in the recording studio!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Playing around

OK, so I am goofing off playing around in PSE, and I made a paper. I am not sure if it is even anything that anyone would use, but I thought I would offer it up anyway. If you use it for anything, please share it with me! I am a designer by no means, but maybe if I continue to learn, I might become one.... who knows!??!?!?!

Anyway... my terms of use are simple: use for personal use, and give credit when you use that. By downloading this paper, you are agreeing to those terms.

Here's a preview:
Click Here to download, and leave a comment and let me know how you like it!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another layout!

Three posts in one day! Wow!!

OK, so I did another tutorial on Hummies World and I wanted to show you the result.

The items used it from the kit "Love Notes" over at Nicole's site. Really, really cool stuff she has over there - go check it out!! (but not until after you see my layout LOL!!!)

Here you go!

Edit: I just got permission to create a signature using Nicole's kit.... what do you think?

doing a switcheroo on you!

OK, since I have only 70 views on this blog, I want to make my change before I start getting more people coming. Here's my problem: This blog is made using my bex email address. Which in and of itself is ok, but the problem is that I also have a gmail account that I use everyday, and also have my google reader set on that account, with all my blogs that I follow on there. When I want to post a comment on someones blog, I have to sign out of my gmail account and sign in with my bex account- a pain, but bearable... the problem is that my reader gets signed out, and I lose my place!

So I need to make a new blog using my gmail account so that everything can run smoothly for me. As you can see- I havent done a whole lot in regard to blog design, so moving it wont be that big of a deal as long as you all dont mind moving with me!

If there is anyone out there who would be willing to help me in making a blog layout or give me tips on how to go about doing it- I would be grateful! Gosh, I am not even sure what I would call a new blog! So any ideas there would be cool too!

Go get yours!

OK, ok... I keep saying that I am going to keep this updated, and here I go neglecting it again!!

I am not sure if anyone even actually reads this- I'd love to know if you do! Knowing that there are people waiting to see things I have made would probably help to keep me motivated to update this and share layouts or QP's or maybe even something that I create!

Anyway, I have finally taken the plunge and become a subscriber to Hummie's World. It is really affordable at only 5.50 a month, and there is a wealth of information to be had!!! WHY NOT GO GET YOUR SUBSCRIPTION????

So- I decided that even though I have been scrapping for almost a year now, that I was going to start at the very beginning and go through her tutorials one by one. I am so glad I did, because there is already a lot I wasn't aware of! And since I am starting all over, I am creating layouts using what I have learned. I am going to post the layouts here as I go along (a motivation to keep this updated too LOL!!), and I will link the photo to the gallery on Hummies site so you can see the credits and other info about how I did the layout. This will keep me from having to put the info in twice lol.... So you can feel free to comment or offer tips/suggestions/constructive criticism.... in fact I would love it if you would! You can either comment to the blog post here, or- if you are registered with Hummies World- you can leave a comment on there- either way I would appreciate input!!!

Here we go with my "new" first layout! This was made to go along with the tutorial, and yes it is very basic since there are no kits used, but it was what the tutorial called for!! :

(By the way, that's me in the bottom photo!!!)

This next layout is from the tutorial "Cutting paper". I cut the tag, frame, and bottom border. Click the image to see the credits and more info

This last layout for this post was made in the "rotating photos and elements" tutorial. I never knew about the reference point!!!! I love it! This layout is very simple- but that is the way I intended for it to be :D

OK, so what do you think????? Can't wait to hear from you!!!


Thursday, January 1, 2009