Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go get yours!

OK, ok... I keep saying that I am going to keep this updated, and here I go neglecting it again!!

I am not sure if anyone even actually reads this- I'd love to know if you do! Knowing that there are people waiting to see things I have made would probably help to keep me motivated to update this and share layouts or QP's or maybe even something that I create!

Anyway, I have finally taken the plunge and become a subscriber to Hummie's World. It is really affordable at only 5.50 a month, and there is a wealth of information to be had!!! WHY NOT GO GET YOUR SUBSCRIPTION????

So- I decided that even though I have been scrapping for almost a year now, that I was going to start at the very beginning and go through her tutorials one by one. I am so glad I did, because there is already a lot I wasn't aware of! And since I am starting all over, I am creating layouts using what I have learned. I am going to post the layouts here as I go along (a motivation to keep this updated too LOL!!), and I will link the photo to the gallery on Hummies site so you can see the credits and other info about how I did the layout. This will keep me from having to put the info in twice lol.... So you can feel free to comment or offer tips/suggestions/constructive criticism.... in fact I would love it if you would! You can either comment to the blog post here, or- if you are registered with Hummies World- you can leave a comment on there- either way I would appreciate input!!!

Here we go with my "new" first layout! This was made to go along with the tutorial, and yes it is very basic since there are no kits used, but it was what the tutorial called for!! :

(By the way, that's me in the bottom photo!!!)

This next layout is from the tutorial "Cutting paper". I cut the tag, frame, and bottom border. Click the image to see the credits and more info

This last layout for this post was made in the "rotating photos and elements" tutorial. I never knew about the reference point!!!! I love it! This layout is very simple- but that is the way I intended for it to be :D

OK, so what do you think????? Can't wait to hear from you!!!



Hummie said...

Thanks for your kind words...I'll catch comments at the site, but your excitement is making my day! You are a beautiful person.

Oh, and to get people to come to your blog, comment on other's blogs. Some take it serious to comment back...note those people and visit their blogs.

Anonymous said...


digital signatures said...

Beautiful work indeed.I loved the one you reffered as "cutting paper".From your this post I am inspired to make my album with such innovative ideas.I really admire the color combinations you used.Will show you mine too.