Friday, January 30, 2009

Showing some layouts and need some help!!

Hello bloggers!!
OK, so I need some help! I mentioned before that I need to change my blog address. I have a gmail account, and this blog is not associated with it. I use google reader, and I read that on my gmail account.... SOOOOO....... commenting on blogs is a real pain for me. I gotta sign out, sign back in with my other account, leave the comment, log out, sign back in to my gmail account, and continue blog reading. That is soooooo time consuming!!

So..... is there anyone out there in scrapland that can help a girl out with setting up a new blog and help me come up with a nice layout? I could definatly use the help! I don't know what I could do to repay you, but I am sure something could be worked out! contact me at dawn5778 (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know!!

OK, how about some eye candy? Here's what I have worked on since the last time I posted:

This first one is made using Hummies template tutorial. This template was included in the tutorial.

This next one is another result of Hummies tutorial rounded corners


This one I made for the fun of it.... no particular reason

credits here

OK, this next one is special to me. I was asked by a friend of mine at church to be her background vocalist for an album she is making. I was in the studio on Monday (congested and all) and had a blast! But didn't realize how much work goes into this!! 4 hours on ONE song!!! When the CD releases in the spring, I will give you a little listen if I can figure out how, and if you would like to purchase a CD, I can get info for you too!

I made this layout for another Hummie tutorial on paperclips :)


And lastly, I made this one in honor of a friend


OK, so that's it for now! Once I get the new blog going, I will post more pics from my experience in the recording studio!

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Hummie said...

I left you an answer in the forum to your question. I had that problem once.

I've seen all these great layouts and am glad you are getting scrapping done!